Based on predictive algorithms written by Luke we were able to tell planners when they were about to make a mistake. Having this visibility of future performance enabled us to fix problems before they happened and as a result we saved millions of dollars in inventory.
- Howard Evans, S&OP Director, Unilever Australia and New Zealand
Using FileMaker we extracted data from various parts of our ERP system, stored it in a Data Warehouse and with Luke's help I was able to create an Excel Dashboard to analyze our inventory based on 12 different dimensions. This kind of visibility was previously impossible.
- Henrik Hartler, Managing Director, G-TEK Sweden
This is the single best session I've ever attended at a DevCon. In 90 minutes, the cost of the conference, the travel and time away from the office were justified - DevCon 2014 San Antonio.
It’s always a pleasure and inspiration to hear your thoughts, both in the formal sessions and in one-on-one conversations [...] you’re a “big thinker” who’s ideas are valuable to business and software development - DevCon 2015 Vegas.
- Mike McAbee, Data Analytics, McGriff, Seibels & Williams of Texas
In one day Martin and Luke achieved more with One Business App than our [expensive] BI consultant achieved in 6 months.
 - (Martin's boss) Ronny Huguley,  Director of Information Services, Wood Fruitticher, Alabama USA

Great course, and very well delivered.  Brilliantly explained. It takes something very special to simplify such complexity in such an engaging way. Luke makes it fun, and very easy to follow along. I felt like a novice being expertly guided to becoming an expert within a few hours. I enjoyed the course immensely.
 - Stephen Kavanagh, Hydrologica Ltd, London UK