The Roadmap

One Business App is the perfect introduction to enterprise based Artificial Intelligence (AI) for managers and executives however we typically find a non-executive "champion" to carry the torch.  Lighting it in the first place can sometimes be tricky so we start with a simple introduction below, followed by an overview of the 4 stages of implementation and then finally we give a full list of all the modules we offer to help this person along the way.  In smaller companies this champion may be an external contractor, in larger organizations however we strongly recommend an in-house person embraces this role.

An introduction to Enterprise AI

One Business App is the perfect introduction to enterprise AI for non-programmers.

In simple terms it’s an app that puts all of the critical information about your business into the palm of your hand.  You can look up any customer, product, service, employee in fact any business entity you can think of, tangible (customers, products, equipment) or intangible (brands, strong or weak performers, even employee attitudes).  In seconds you can see any information that you define as critical to the success of your business.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  You can tell the AI how you define performance (Sales Revenue, Profit, Hours Worked, Quality) and the AI will not only calculate and report past and present performance it will also predict future performance.

An app this simple and insightful can change the whole way you do business.

Every employee in the business can have a single point of entry to one version of the truth but each seen from their own perspective.  Business leaders can link the overall company vision to everyday events for every employee.  Even if your strategies aren’t perfect, having everyone pushing in the same direction provides results faster than you’ve ever seen before.

In practical terms, instead of writing countless emails, attending endless meetings and adding value to information about the business you can start adding value directly to the business.  Instead of sending people off on information gathering errands you can look up the answers in seconds and make decisions on the spot.

Kind of like being handed the keys to a Formula One race car you may be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed.  You might see the potential but you are not sure where to start.  Relax, we’ve developed a step-by-step roadmap that guides you through the entire process.  And we guarantee that regular people like yourself (not programmers) will be up and running on your first day.  If you’re not completely satisfied after day 1 we’ll give you a full refund.

So here’s how it works …

We’ve divided the journey into 4 separate parts; Discovery, Learning, Action and Excellence.


When people talk about disruptive technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, often the problem is that they “don’t know what they don’t know”.  We try to fill in the gaps by offering a FREE overview of the landscape.  We show you what’s possible by giving you an idea of the end-to-end journey as well as glimpses of interesting things you’ll see along the way.  Some of the material is public information other areas can only be accessed by our subscribers … but it is FREE to subscribe and you can unsubscribe at any time.


We offer an online training course that anyone can afford.  We’re happy for you to get a taste for the material before you consider attending a training workshop.  The goal of this “learning” phase is to teach you the fundamental skills in a safe and comfortable environment.  You’ll be using our training data so there’s no need to worry about sending the AI into an infinite loop and melting the server :-). So you can focus on the learning experience and move through the material as quickly or as slowly as you like.  Below we provide an overview of the modules we offer in the training workshops.


As soon as you’ve got a couple of skills under your belt you’ll be desperate to “wow” your friends and colleagues.  We’ll show you how to create your own proof-of-concept (POC) based on your own data. You can kick this off as early as you like.  Some people like to be building a POC in parallel to taking the training course.  We can help you set-up a POC platform.
Your POC is a real app with secure storage and secure access to your data.  However it is kind of like riding a bike with training wheels.  Typically the system is updated in a night script and you can review the app before distributing to your users.  Even in this mode your system will learn on its own and improve the more you use it.
After running with the POC for a while you will have a robust reliable solution.  Only then will you be ready to take off the training wheels and connect your app to real-time information and let users access it live, without any reviews or adjustments.  This will put the AI’s learning curve into overdrive.
So when you’re ready to “Go Live” with a full production system you may want to touch base with our preferred third parties who can help ensure you have the right security, backups and general disaster recovery processes in place before flicking the switch.


If you want to be a driver, instead if a passenger, then our Train the Trainer modules are for you.  Provide us with a company or personal profile so we can see where you would best fit in to the overall process.

Training Modules

Here are the modules we can offer in our seminars, webinars and workshops.

1 Training Modules
1.2    Discovery
1.2.1    Welcome to non-programmers
1.2.2    One Business App
1.2.3    AI - In bed with Siri
1.2.4    BI - 1m XL Dbd
1.2.5    Why 4/5 will fail    20% people 80% important    60% system (beg, int, adv)    20% process
1.3    Learning
1.3.1    People    Goal Setting    Story-boarding    Hawthorne Experiment
1.3.2    Process: Set-up --> Monitor --> Improve    Setup (project management)    Ongoing Improvements (process management, Weekly WIP meetings etc)    Gap Closing (Control vs Improve)
1.3.3    Systems Basic    1m Dbd    TOPR    OBA
1.3.4    Systems Int    ETL (FileMaker)    BI (Tableau)    Unified Data Format (eCubes)
1.3.5    Systems Adv    AI (    Systems Architecture    Systems Integration
1.3.6    Deep Dives    Building Dashboards with Tableau and FileMaker (Video - 8m)    Building Dashboards with Tableau and FileMaker (Webinar - 30m)    Building Dashboards with Tableau and FileMaker (DevCon - 60m)    DIY analytics: Tools to perform analytics with disruptive technologies    The basics of business analytics    Discover your company DNA    Creating Intelligent Dashboards
1.4    Action
1.4.1    POC Platform – Small
1.4.2    POC Platform – Medium
1.4.3    POC Platform – Large
1.4.3    Go Live - People
1.4.4    Go Live - Process
1.4.5    Go Live - Systems
1.5    Excellence
1.5.1    Train the Trainer
1.5.2    Resellers
1.5.3    Vertical Solutions
1.5.4    Horizontal Solutions

What people are saying about the journey

After converting data into a dashboard in 24 hours:

In one day Luke achieved more with One Business App than our [expensive] BI consultant achieved in 6 months
- Martin Clapp, Information Services, Wood Fruitticher Food Service, USA

After showing the founder of a company a whole new way to look at the business:

Using FileMaker we extracted data from various parts of our ERP system, stored it in a Data Warehouse and with Luke's help I was able to create an Excel Dashboard to analyze our inventory based on 12 different dimensions. This kind of visibility was previously impossible.
- Henrik Hartler, Managing Director, G-TEK, Sweden

After watching a session at a developers conference:

This is the single best session I've ever attended at a DevCon. In 90 minutes, the cost of the conference, the travel and time away from the office were justified.
It’s always a pleasure and inspiration to hear your thoughts, both in the formal sessions and in one-on-one conversations [...] you’re a “big thinker” who’s ideas are valuable to business and software development
- Mike McAbee, Data Analytics, McGriff, Seibels & Williams of Texas, USA

After taking my online course:

Great course, and very well delivered.  Brilliantly explained. It takes something very special to simplify such complexity in such an engaging way. Luke makes it fun, and very easy to follow along. I felt like a novice being expertly guided to becoming an expert within a few hours. I enjoyed the course immensely.
 - Stephen Kavanagh, Hydrologica Ltd, London UK

After Mars broke a Factory record using the app:

In less than 10 months we were able to improve factory performance by more than 13%. This had never been achieved before, let alone in 10 months.
- Fernando Del Castillo, Factory Manager, Mars, Australia

Unilever saved millions in a matter of weeks:

Based on predictive algorithms written by Luke we were able to tell planners when they were about to make a mistake. Having this visibility of future performance enabled us to fix problems before they happened and as a result we saved millions of dollars in inventory.
- Howard Evans, S&OP Director, Unilever, Australia and New Zealand