80% will fail - without your help!

80% of companies fail when they try to implement a company wide dashboard.  The reason is that they focus too much on the technology and not enough on the people and the business itself.

If you like technology but you like people and business processes just as much, then you are what we call a Knowledge Worker … in other words you “think for a living”.

We’ve got good news and bad news.

First the bad news: The information revolution is coming to an end.  We used to think “information is power” well now it’s a given.  Today “knowledge is power” and we don’t need to tell you that information and knowledge are two completely different things.  Traditional office work is about to be automated out of existence.  One Agile Worker can do the work of ten Office Workers ... with the help of a competent Knowledge Worker!

Now here’s the good news: The information revolution is being replaced by a knowledge revolution.  However as the 80% failure rate shows … this time it won’t only be about the technology.  In fact in would be more correct to say there is a Knowledge Worker Revolution already taking place.  And this time around it is more about the people.  People that can augment technology to automatically provide insightful decision support to the right person at the right time … now that’s powerful.

One Business App has been designed, from the ground up, for non-programmers.  We wanted to empower Knowledge Workers.  People like you who like people, processes and systems.  To get you started we’ve developed a Knowledge Worker Training Program that shows you how to convert a simple spreadsheet into an insightful Dashboard and then a sophisticated business app.  You can complete the whole training program in just a few hours.  All you need are at least basic Excel skills (and a copy of Excel 2010 or above is recommended).