One Business App website launched

What a year!  Chatting to the CEO of Apple Sweden one minute, the next minute presenting to a capacity crowd in Las Vegas for FileMaker (an Apple subsidiary).

It looks like people are very curious about a single app that can store all of your critical business information.  Since the sell-out session in Vegas (July 2015) I have created this website and two on-line training programs (I have well over 100 students already - amazing).

More importantly I have brought a beautiful little girl into this world (OK my wife had a bit to do with it as well). After a little break to spend some quality time with my family I am now heading back into the office.

I have been consulting for almost 20 years so I have no shortage of reference sites but these are all related to management consulting.  I'm now looking for a new kind of reference site.  One that can help me demonstrate to the world that it is indeed possible to manage your business, or at least an important part of it, with just one business app.

If you are interested in becoming a reference site, or working with me to create one, then please contact me.