Access all of your critical business information from just One Business App.
Sales, Revenue, Profitability, Employee Performance ... anything you like.

Finally one version of the truth and a single point of entry for all of your staff.

One Business App is Simply Brilliant

Convert a simple spreadsheet into a sophisticated Business App.

Gain instant visibility of performance (past, present and future) for every product, customer, employee, in fact any business entity you choose to track.

We have been doing this for decades and now we are able to consolidate all of those years of experience into one simple app.

Based on predictive algorithms written by Luke we were able to tell planners when they were about to make a mistake. Having this visibility of future performance enabled us to fix problems before they happened and as a result we saved millions of dollars in inventory.

Howard Evans, S&OP Director, Unilever (a Fortune 500 company)

We can build it for you or you can build it yourself, check out our price page for more information.